Louvre Post Office
2021 - Paris, France

Renovation of the emblematic Louvre Post Office building into a mixed-use program

48-52 rue du Louvre, Paris 1er

The transformation of this 35,000 sqm. block of remarkable architecture in the heart of Paris is part of the dynamic of major works undertaken in the capital, notably the recent renovations of the Samaritaine and the Bourse de Commerce. The question of the future of the Louvre Post Office arose in 2011, when its industrial use was called into question by the decline in postal activity. La Poste Group and its real estate subsidiary Poste Immo, the contracting authority and owner of the site, decided to undertake a major renovation to include this emblematic site in a multi-programme modernisation project.

The competition for the rehabilitation was launched in 2012, and the proposal of the Dominique Perrault Architecture agency won. Work began in 2016. In 2018, Poste Immo called on CALQ to assist the architect with the site management mission. The CALQ team then brought its know-how in managing complex sites and thus accompanied the last three years of renovation work.

The new Louvre Post Office, inaugurated in 2022, now combines the administrative and industrial heritage with a new mix of uses. In addition to the historic postal activities, it now houses a 5* hotel, shops, offices, social housing, a police station, a day-care centre and a rooftop lounge bar open to the public offering a panoramic view of Paris.

- postal activities (750 sqm.)
- a 5* hotel with 82 rooms and suites
- a 500 sqm. green terrace on the 4th floor
- a 360 sqm. rooftop bar/lounge open to the public with a panoramic view of Paris
- 13 shops (2,150 sqm.)
- an urban logistics hub in the basement (1,000 sqm.)
- offices (10,000 sqm.)
- social housing (1,200 sqm.)
- a police station (2,000 sqm.)
- a nursery (440 sqm.) and a study room (250 sqm.).

Geste d'Or 2021 Category Built Heritage

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ARCHITECT Dominique Perrault Architecture

HERITAGE ARCHITECT Lagneau Architectes


STUDY OFFICES EDEIS | LAMOUREUX | Après la Pluie Paysagiste

CONSULTANTS EDEIS | Socotec | Qualiconsult | Daniel Legrand


AREA 35,000 sqm.


STATUS Completion in 2021

ENVIRONMENTAL PROFILE HQE Sustainable Passport Excellent | LEED Core & Shell 2009 Gold | BREEAM Excellent | Effinergie renovation | PH&E Renovation 2011