The history of the Cabinet d'Architecture Le Bœuf et Quin (CALQ) has been punctuated for more than twenty years by encounters that have made us grow, a taste for taking up somewhat crazy challenges, but above all a common passion for well-made architecture, both thought out and created to welcome the people who live in it and use it on a daily basis.


Structuring and transmission


First Parisian projects


Foundation and experimentation

In the beggining

2010-20202000-20101990-2000In the beggining
Leading a team of nearly 120 people, the partners now oversee projects as diverse as office buildings, commercial spaces, housing and luxury hotels.

Between 2010 and 2020, CALQ is carrying out major structuring operations : Le Beauvaisis, 32 Blanche, Les Éleis, 5 Kléber, Crédit Coopératif, Kléber Etoile, UNESCO. CALQ won major competitions such as reinventing.paris with the Morland Mixité Capitale project, and a major cultural project on Ile Seguin in Boulogne-Billancourt. 

The arrival of a Development Director, David Merckens, and an Administrative and Financial Manager, Hélène Vanhersecke, now both partners, has enabled the implementation of a development and structuring strategy ensuring the consolidation and sustainability of the agency.

In 2013, CALQ will create a wood construction division and in 2019, a legal division. 

The year 2020 will be an opportunity for CALQ to implement its own CSR action plan within the firm and in its projects.
Morland Mixité Capitale © DCA
Unesco © Antoine Mercusot
Kléber Étoile © Schnepp Renou
Le Beauvaisis © Mathieu Ducros
32 Blanche © Thomas Goldet
Les Éléis © Alain Caste
5 Kléber © Opictures
Crédit Coopératif © Opictures
Reinforced by the arrival of a technical team capable of responding to execution missions, CALQ experienced a real boom in the 2000s. While carrying out its own projects, the agency was also solicited by colleagues and private contractors (landowners, developers) for the implementation of major tertiary operations in Paris.

This is the beginning of the activity of the CALQ Execution division. Collaborations with senior and renowned colleagues multiply (Cité du Retiro with Ricardo Bofill and Ramon Collado, Capital 8 with Elisabeth Naud - Luc Poux and Carlo Maria Natale).
Cité du Retiro © Fabrice Rambert
Cité du Retiro © Fabrice Rambert
Le Millénaire
Le Millénaire
Capital 8
Capital 8
Capital 8
In 1990 after the success of this first work, Jean-Philippe Le Bœuf and Emmanuel Quin founded the SARL CALQ ARCHITECTURE to respond to several commissions and competitions for shopping complexes in the regions and Ile-de-France.

In the mid-1990s, the agency diversifies its activity and starts working on its first projects for Parisian offices, housing and equipment. The team already has about ten employees.
Offices bd Malesherbes - Paris
Offices bd Malesherbes - Paris
Offices in Vaucresson
First Parisian offices
First Parisian offices
Young graduate architects, Jean-Philippe Le Bœuf and Emmanuel Quin joined forces for a competition to design a shopping centre in Saussay in the Eure-et-Loire, which they won in 1985.
Shopping mall in Saussay
Jean-Philippe Le Boeuf & Emmanuel Quin
Emmanuel Quin
Jean-Philippe Le Boeuf