L'ÉCRIN : Work in process !

The construction of the wooden structure of the ÉCRIN project is progressing!

Designed by CALQ, this Parisian building will offer 14 flats on 6 levels, in the Porte des Lilas district.

 The facade walls are made of MOB (Timber frame wall - Murs à Ossature Bois) and the floors are made of O'portune® slabs, an innovative wood construction process developed by CBS-Lifteam.

 The use of wood has many advantages :
- Quick, simple and clean installation ;
- The respect of the environment thanks to a reduced carbon footprint compared to concrete and the use of a recyclable material ;
- Improved comfort and well-being for future occupants !

CALQ missions : Architect, Site Management, with Alexandre Barris, Marianne Beauvais, Mathilde Bery, Emmanuel Deglane, Lorraine Pelé, Gizem Yavuzyilmaz.

Project team : Perl, ELAN, SYLVA CONSEIL, LGX INGENIERIE, BTP Consultants, Serrain & Associés, SEMOFI, SOLPROJET, Expert Immo, CBS-Lifteam, I-SB, KONE, Euromib, De Jesus, Sofra.
About the project