Work in process

The 22 MARIGNAN building is being renovated !

CALQ is renovating a luxury office building in the heart of Paris' Golden Triangle!
The agency,both Architect and Site Manager, has imagined an upgrade that respects the building's heritage.

This 1,540 sqm. office project will allow the building to be divided by floor and provide flexibility in the layout of work areas and relaxation areas.

The volume and layout of the buildings leave room for landscaped outdoor areas, with plants carefully chosen for their contribution to biodiversity.

The 90 sqm. rooftop offers a breathtaking view of the Eiffel Tower.

The building is aiming for BREEAM Very Good certification.

Developer : SAS 22 MARIGNAN / Assistant of Developer & Coordination : ARC PM / Assistant High Environmental Quality : G-ON / Architect & Site Management : CALQ / Study Offices : Cetis, RBI, CEEF, JCP Conseil, Capri Acoustique, Architecture & Scène d'extérieur, ODC, Antonin Raffault / Consultants : Perform, Jocelyne Forest & Associés, Casso & Assoicés, Preventec, RP Consulting / Work Companies : LBC, Laurent, JC Bastos, Duval, Lindner, Brard, Alprofer, DMS, Gamma, TMO, Fouassin, Sports & Paysages.

About the project